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Need a cell phone booster installer? We offer installation services by a certified installing team that installs boosters nationwide across USA and Canada. I am going to permanently mount the outdoor antenna and run the wire into the mid-bath cabinet where the electrical is so that I can run off of 12V.

My conundrum is how to get the indoor antenna to some surface that is within 20ft of cable length and not complicated by being on a slide. Hi Kelly! However, we did not mount the antenna there for two reasons. First, because we want boosting while underway up by the front seats , and second, because running the antenna wire into a slide-out is a challenge we have never undertaken, as both the routing, and resulting cable length, would be problematic. So what we do is keep our MiFi device up on the dashboard by the internal antenna, even while parked, and that broadcasts throughout the RV no problem.

We worked backwards, with internal antenna placement being our first consideration again, front dashboard for us , then figuring out if there was somewhere nearby to mount the booster with power available front tech cabinet in our case, just up the A-pillar from the dashboard , followed by external antenna placement, which can go anywhere on the roof if flat-mounted as in our video. Of course there are two that that might change the order of those considerations for you: 1 The location of available access to the roof, such as our conduit, and 2 Positioning of the roof antenna to be far enough away from the internal antenna to prevent oscillation.

Hi RV Geeks. I love this video and have referred back to it several times as we plan for our new Ventana. We have the ability to also request conduits around the rig. But I was also thinking of a conduit from the bathroom circuit cabinet to the basement cabinet where the Solar prep wire is we are ordering a solar prep. This is because some folks say there are so many controls on the main control panel, that a user-added solar display main not fit — so I would possibly put it in the mid bathroom.

And maybe another from the AV cabinet to the basement…. Hi Rich! When we custom-ordered our rig, we specified that the included solar pre-wiring have two changes made to it: 1 6-gauge wire, and 2 Drop a loop of it into the bathroom cabinet to allow us to mount our solar controller there.

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But a conduit would be better, since it would allow additional wiring if needed in the future. And having one come from the roof into the bathroom and then another from the bathroom to the basement would allow a run of wire to come from the roof down to the basement, which could be useful, too. One thing… the small diameter of our conduit makes it hard to run wires, as does the ribbed tubing they used for it.

Would have made our lives a lot easier, especially when running that 4th or 5th wire! One other thing that would have been very helpful is the placement of the opening on the roof. Our roof access plate is located about 4 feet behind the other end of it in the tech cabinet. There seems to be absolutely no reason for this other than making wires harder to pull. Right behind the front cap would have been great. Congrats on your new Ventana, and hope this helps a bit!

Thanks guys!

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I will take your advice on the locations. And I asked our rep and it turns out that they no longer use the ribbed conduit- so that should help. I got the elite roof mount for the ranger; and the trucker attenena for the weboost and most likely will be using your aluminum block method.

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  • Hey Steven! Hope this helps! So glad you guys did this video :D. Hope you like it as much as we do. And your timing is uncanny…. LOL Hope you two are having a great winter. For the stubby antenna you mention using the Dicor and also the putty tape. Do you need to use both and if so, how? We recommend using putty tape only if you are attaching the trucker antenna to a rubber roof, as a way to waterproof underneath the aluminum blocks where the required screws enter the roof.

    When utilizing the stubby magnet mount antenna, you should not need any putty tape at all, as no holes are required in the roof. Simply adhere the 1 ft-square galvanized plate to the roof using Dicor, regardless of whether you have a fiberglass or rubber roof. No putty tape is needed because no holes need to be made in the roof, and the only purpose of putty tape is waterproofing, not adhesion. Hope this is clear. Will be very interested in how well the VHB tape works. Damn, you guys are expensive. Been looking at this solution ever since Chris and Cherie finished their reviews last spring.

    Also, each time I started thinking about the configuration and all that I needed, I got lazy…. And then you had to make a video… And provide a complete parts list.

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    Yeah, just click on the Amazon links and watch the items jump into the little shopping cart. Saw another mounting plate with bends and welds that screwed into the roof. Your solution is very simple. Great thinking. So sorry Mike! We have a friend whose better half has forbidden him to talk to us about RV stuff, let alone watch our videos. Guess I am lucky, as the wife wants a drone. And guess who I have to thank for that — You guys and your friends that are now off sailing in distant ports.

    As always you guys did an awesome job with your show n tell. We have the same outside antenna with the RV 4G booster and desktop antenna.

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    Top is below our AC so might use your mounting idea and relocate. Any tips on desktop placement antenna vs your dash indoor antenna? Is is more directional…. Also, wonder if shielding the indoor antenna with aluminum foil would eliminate oscillating? Thanks and safe travels. Aw, thanks! Glad you liked the video! Without your video, I would not have known about the oscillation that occurs when the two antennas are placed close together. Thank you for all your videos and for doing what you do. It makes it much easier for those of us embarking on our journies.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know that our video was helpful. I was wanting to know or is there a way to tell if the trucker style antenna is pulling in better. I do boondock in Colorado in summer.

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    Combination the trees mountains and so forth. Curiosity killed the cat kinda thing?

    Any and all questions you may have about what would work best for you can be found there! Seems like it will be flapping against the roof, both driving you crazy with the noise and putting constant motion on the clips and making them come away from the roof. Hi Doug! Regarding the cable on the roof, we have no trouble with flapping at all, and the clips are all staying in place so far. Part of that may be due to the fact that we ran the cable straight back, so that the wind from driving just runs directly along, vs across, it. If you check out our WiFi Ranger installation video , you can see that we went to the opposite extreme for that cable using Eternabond tape, which is probably overkill.

    We did that for the exact reason you mentioned, as it runs somewhat diagonally. Besides the potential for catching more wind, that would present greater risk for being yanked by a low-hanging tree limb, where, again, running the WeBoost cable straight back reduces that likelihood. It looked like you did the install in Canada Chilliwack perhaps and if so can you confirm that it works well for Canadian cell carriers?