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However, only 24 beers have been claimed. Those arrangements include spreading the cost of winter heating over the course of the calendar year, or payment deferments.

Councillors irked by red tape to claim cheap gifts

Current and prospective credit union members are eligible to apply for special assistance loans. Depending on the length of the shutdown, federal employees may request further day deferments.

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FlexJobs , a jobs aggregation website specializing in work-from-home, freelance and part-time jobs, is offering furloughed federal employees a reduced rate to search for temporary work during the shutdown. The Newseum has also offered free admission to federal employees for the duration of the shutdown.

Theaters in Charlottesville and Winchester, Virginia, will also honor the offer for federal employees. Under these conditions, payment would not be due until after affected agencies re-open and employees receive back pay. Postal Service, IRS, big data and technology issues. Follow jheckmanWFED. Listen Live Sports. Agency in Focus. Ask the CIO. Government Shutdown. Federal Report. Your Turn. Tom Temin. Air Force. Defense Industry. Marine Corps.

Local breweries offer free beer to feds

Other Defense News. Federal Drive with Tom Temin. Federal Monthly Insights. Federal Newscast. Executive Briefings. Industry Analysis.

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Forward Classroom Express to a friend and win a visit from James Foley! Open up new ideas with a range of teaching resources from Fremantle Press March 11, From teaching notes to activity sheets, sample chapters to bookmarks, the Fremantle Press Classroom Express has a whole range of resources ready to help you make the most of our books in the classroom. Freebie Frenzy Term 1 Rodney, Alex and Violet March 7, There are lots of exciting freebies to get your hands on for extra-fun sessions in the classroom this term.

Freebie Frenzy! More and More and More fun activities for the classroom! October 17, Grab all the latest bookmarks and activity sheets for the new releases from Fremantle Press. More creative work from the classroom! But, in seven years of blogging, six years professionally, I can tell you what I have learned, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did. If you want to be a professional blogger, you have to learn the ropes. And somehow do so with grace. You can be demanding when it comes to working with brands, but if you want to go that route even if you don't you'll need to know the language of the PR and Marketing world.

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You may not think some of it is fair. You may not like what I have to say. And by all means, if I am wrong, if my experience has taught me wrong, please share your experience. If you're a blogger, you might be getting these emails in your inbox. How do you know what they mean? I'm here to tell you. Press Releases are usually written communications emails from brands, notifying you of what is happening with their company. Press Releases usually contain information about a product launch, a new product, a sale or sample sale, some event that happened with their products like a celebrity wearing their product, or placement in a large magazine.

Often they may offer high resolution images, videos for you to post on your blog. If you want your readers to come to your blog for the freshest content around, it helps to have relationships with PRs, so you get the scoop.

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For larger brands, the PR department or an external agency sends releases. For smaller brands, usually it's in-house, or the business owners themselves. If you want your blog to be a wire service, maybe that can be your business model, but for most bloggers, Press Releases are sent in hopes of editorial coverage. You can post anything you want as long as it's true, don't commit libel! Newspapers, magazines, large websites, TV stations don't get paid to publish this information, so you won't either.

Product Seeding is a marketing strategy where they offer products or services to a select group of influencers in hopes that it will stimulate the market for the said product. Sometimes products are seeded to gain information about how the market might respond to a particular product, but most often, it's done so with the hopes of getting people to spread the word amongst themselves, rather than through paid advertisement which people have different responses to.

An example would be, say at the Oscars, actresses are loaned gowns to wear that might cost tens of thousands of dollars, but instead of paying for them, they can wear the dresses for free. Or a TV station might be sent products in hopes that they will use them in a segment. The ethics behind this is under debate. However, it is generally accepted among all levels of the publishing industry that a publication does not accept payment merely for coverage of seeded products.

If you like to talk about a variety of products on your blog and showcase them in a way that's editorially unique say you take your own photos or if you want to examine and use products before you post about them, then receiving Seeded Products may be in your best interest. Do note, this MAY come at a cost to you editorial integrity, and you DO have to disclose when you publish a product given for free.

Sometimes the designers themselves send the product.

Again, no. Unless you are required to use specific links, post specific verbiage or do specific tasks in relation to the gifting. If you are being sent a product, you are at liberty to post in whatever context on whatever time frame you deem appropriate. If celebrities don't get paid to wear a pair of jeans, you aren't either.

If a TV station isn't getting paid to include a product in a morning segment, you aren't either. The PRs goals are usually just to generate buzz about a product. PR agencies are generally not allocated advertising budget, which sponsored posts may fall under. For more information on Product Seeding, see this Wikipedia Page here. A Blogger Campaign is where a brand, marketing or advertising agency has a specific message they want bloggers to publish. This often comes in the form of a sponsored post, a sponsored video, a sponsored event, a design collaboration. You may be a one-off or part of a larger group of bloggers delivering the same message.

The scope of these campaigns is very wide because it's really only limited to the imagination of the brands and or the bloggers working in it. A blogger can be asked to provide a specific service on a specific timeline in exchange for money, or whatever is negotiated. For example, if you are part of a blogger network like Style Coalition or Glam, you may be contacted about a sponsored post opportunity, that is a Blogger Campaign.

If you want to work with brands and make money, you absolutely want to be part of Blogger Campaigns. This will help you gain experience working with brands, learn how things tend to operate behind the scenes, and also give you ideas on how you want to structure your business model. If you're new and still building your traffic, you might benefit from seeing what requirements you'll need to sign up with a blogger network like Style Coalition, Glam, Federated Media or DBA.


Or, if you have a lot of ideas and are good at pitching yourself to brands, you can also give that a go as well. Blogger Campaigns only sometimes come from PR agencies, mostly they come from blogger networks like those mentioned in the two preceding paragraphs. These entities are allocated different budgets than a PR agency which is why you probably won't get a sponsored post deal from a PR agency, unless that PR agency offers digital marketing services.